Unsolicited Praise

"...One of the main things you mentioned is that I would meet someone and you were RIGHT... I thought you were crazy and that it wouldn’t happen that way. BUT everything you said was spot on." -N.S.

"Thank you for my amazing astrological reading. I've had my chart read a few times over the years and I thought you really nailed it best!" -M.B.

"[I'm] feeling both illuminated and motivated by our session, and armed with new tools to understand the year to come." -V.C.

"Loved your knowledge and passion — really inspiring!" -L.M.

"I loved our reading. I feel saner than ever, thanks to you. " -S.R.

"Thank you so much... for all your amazing knowledge and wisdom. I’m so appreciative. Seeing you triple confirm that I am on my right path and I’m honestly so excited to finally be able to live out and be my true self." -M.B.

"What a wonderful and empowering session. You have a gift!" -S.K.

"Thank you for such a wonderful reading and experience." -S.C.

"...I had the best sleep of my life after our meeting. You are magic." -K.Z.

"...You were totally right and very accurate with my reading. I got my audition and was cast for the show..." -M.B.

"Thank you for an amazing reading... I have a really positive and restored look on the future and am so appreciative!" -L.M.


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