Hi there. I'm Aliza.

I'm a New York City-based practicing astrologer, host, and author.


I'm the resident astrologer for Allure Magazine, where I write horoscopes and occult stories for my column, Aliza's Allure Astrology.

I also write daily horoscopes for Sanctuary, and my weekly "Moneyscopes" can be found on Cheddar.

My first book, The Mixology of Astrology: Cosmic Cocktails for Every Sign (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster) was released August 2018. My upcoming books — Love Signs: Your Perfect Match is in the Stars (Adams Media/Simon & Schuster) and Starring You: A Guide to Self-Discovery Through Astrology (Bonnier Publishing) — will be released in 2019.

I spend my days studying space and mythology, researching the history of esotericism, and leading dynamic workshops and events. In my private practice, I have read birth charts for hundreds of individuals, including celebrities and public figures (~fancy~).

Within each person is a complex cosmology — a symbolic bond between the universe and existence. We alone have the power to manifest meaningful transformation. Astrology provides an ancient vocabulary that helps us understand our incredible superpowers, as well as our frustrating blindspots. I vehemently believe in demystifying the mystical: I practice an astrology that is accessible, applicable, and fun. 

Before I began my journey into the stars, I was an art gallery owner and technology co-founder. I graduated from Carleton College in 2011, where I received a joint bachelor's degree in Art History and Studio Art. Oh, and by the way, my name is pronounced uh-LEE-zuh. It's like Ibiza.