What do I need for an astrology session?

You will need your date of birth, time of birth, and location of birth. The exact time (or as close as possible) is very important: This variable architects your birth chart, which serves as both your astrological profile and cosmic calendar. If you do not have your birth time, I will only be able to offer limited insight with minimal predictive work.

What happens during an astrology session?

During your session, we will explore your birth chart — your cosmic fingerprint. Your birth chart reveals the dynamic nuances of your personality, including the unique strengths and frustrating blindspots of your character. The chart also provides timely insight: Within the reading, we will discuss past, present, and future experiences. The planets correlate directly with dates, which we will discuss together. I will also provide expert insight on the different phases and cycles, along with recommendations on how to work with the cosmic energies impacting your birth chart.

I custom-tailor my readings to my client's interests and level of experience. During your session, I will be sure to address your questions using clear, non-technical language. Alternatively, if you are fluent in astrospeak, we can dive into the jargon. My sessions are designed for astrology beginners, connoisseurs, and everyone in between.

We will cover a lot of ground, so feel free to take notes or audio record your sessions.

Is it scary?

No. No one is cursed, doomed, or fated to live a miserable life. Also, I don't predict death, so don't worry about that. All birth charts contain strengths and weaknesses. During you session, we will explore the good, the bad, and the ugly but you will ultimately guide the tone of the reading. You'll always leave our session empowered; never petrified. 

Is the session confidential? 

Yes. Everything we discuss — including your birth chart — is 100% confidential. I will always honor and respect your privacy.

Why didn't you know that my boyfriend's name is Chad and that he just broke up with me?!?!?

Great question! I am not a fortune teller. As a professional astrologer, I look at the placement of the stars and planets to analyze energies, archetypes, cycles, and patterns. I assess your situation and can predict the themes of upcoming events, but you need to apply the planets to your life's situation. Astrology readings are a conversation. When you share information with me, we work together to unpack the narratives as they unfold in the cosmos.

What if your predictions don't "happen?"

The skill of an astrologer is not based on how well symbols can be memorized; an astrologer's expertise is based on how well the components are interpreted. Things happen when your birth chart is activated by the planets moving in the sky ("transiting planets"). I will do my best to apply the cosmic energy to your life circumstances, but even as we develop a relationship, I will not know everything about your personal universe. If my predictions don't "happen" per my interpretation, the energies manifested in a different area of your life.

Do you read tarot cards? Do you work with crystals?

In addition to astrology, I also read tarot cards and use incense, oils, and candles to make spells. I am not keen on crystals, but if you are, that's cool! It's also cool if you're into runes, mediumship, i ching, Magic-8-Balls, or picking pedals off a flower. I also love coin tosses.

Here's the deal: no divination practice is "better" than another, so embrace whatever speaks to your soul. Remember folks, objects and rituals aren't magick; They only become enchanted once you give them the power to channel your innate energy.

How frequently should I get astrology reading?

Your choice. The majority of my clients schedule sessions approximately every three months, though I also offer "á la carte" services on a case-by-case basis. Please email me to discuss options.

Do you teach astrology workshops?

I host events and workshops frequently. I am also available for a private lessons, so shoot me an email if this is of interest.

What happens after the session?

My practice embraces free will, celebrates choice, and promotes agency. Within each person is a complex cosmology — a symbolic bond between the universe and existence. We are not ruled by the stars and planets; we alone have the power to manifest meaningful transformation. When we deepen our awareness of self, we are empowered by our autonomy. After your session, you will feel connected to your highest potential. 

A few final words...

I reserve the right to refuse my services. My astrology sessions are informational and designed to help you make thoughtful choices; they are not a substitute for medical treatment or legal advice. My services are non-refundable.