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Aliza Kelly’s second book, Starring You: A Guided Journey Through Astrology, now available!


"Your horoscope can drop hints about the direction of your life but what about when you hit happy hour with your friends? According to astrologer Aliza Kelly Faragher, your zodiac sign plays a role there, too, and her new book, The Mixology of Astrology, shows you how. Faragher’s book provides 16 cocktail recipes for every zodiac sign. Ultimately, Faragher hopes to make astrology accessible to people in their everyday lives. Her book is about having fun. Most of all, she hopes that practitioners use astrology as a way to be more compassionate to each other." (

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"This book has just what I need. This is a fun and informative book. I certainly recommend it." (Patheos)

"Whether you are just looking to explore astrology more, you are new to mixology, or you are a veteran star-gazer who knows your way around a shaker and has muddler or two among your spirited potions, this hardback book is a beautiful (the cover art is STUNNING!) addition to your library or would make a marvelous gift for a cosmically-inclined friend. Experience your next cocktail party by mixing drinks written in the stars!" (Luna Luna Magazine)


"Here’s a fun gift for the friend who checks their horoscope daily. Categorized by astrological sign, the cocktails are mostly familiar easy-to-make classics, including some ‘modern classics’ like the Gold Rush and Cosmopolitan." (

"The Mixology of Astrology is a guide on how you can tap into the stars to determine your perfect cocktail match. The book not only tours each sign, but it also breaks down the multiple layers of astrology." (Manhattan With A Twist)